My rating scale 2014

  So recently I’ve been thinking about how I rate books. I’ve noticed that lately I have been getting rougher at rating since I started rating last year. Over all I rate based on my enjoyment of said reading material. I don’t per say focus on things like grammar or other common factors that other book bloggers do.
  So I use the basic five star rating system common amongst most bloggers. As well as half stars here. The basic comprehension of my ratings are below.

              1 star- this is the most unused rating that I have. In 2 years of rating I’ve given this out about 3 times. Extremely un-enjoyable to me. The only thing I can say about a book that gets this from me is that I read it and didn’t like anything about it.

              2 stars- this rating is usually because I had way to many problems that they out weighted the good of this book. Possible problems include unlikable main characters, poor plot, or bad writing.

              3 stars- this is not a bad rating for me at all. Something rated this could mean this was interesting but not the best thing I’ve ever read before. Over all a good book but had some problems.

              4 stars- books rated this are very good but had something missing. Over all like the characters and plot but something is missing. I would still recommend books rated this to people.

              5 stars-  amazing . Plain and simple. This book hit all the right buttons at all the right times. This is an instant favorite and I recommend this to everyone.


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