Bout of Books Day 1 Challenges


Bout of Books officially started to day.

I’ve been reading since about six this morning and decided to take a break from reading and do the challenges for the day.

There are a total of two challenges for the day. They are hosted by The Book Monsters and LuLo Fangirl.

The challenge hosted by The Book Monster is a book scavenger hunt.

Since most of the books I read are ebooks I have inserted photos from goodreads.

1) A book that starts with a B

I decided I would pick my favorite book  that started with a “B” that I read this year. This book also has a really gorgeous cover, so bonus points!
I don’t have a review of this one on my blog yet but I plan to write and post one for it a little while after B.O.B.

2)Book that has been turned into a movie/tv show.

I’ve been meaning to get around to this series for a while now. I’ve heard great things and the tv show was recently released on Starz if your interesting in watching it.

3) A series you love

I I have a confession I am absolutely horrible at finishing series. In the last few years I’ve probably finished only a hand full of series. This was one of my favorites. The covers for these changed midway through. Sorry for the mixed covers

4) An anthology of poems or short stories

I haven’t read any anthologies other than this one. I really enjoyed it and plan to read more anthologies in the future

5) A book on my TBR

I recently received these to books for review. I am really excited for both of these an plan to pick these up right after Bout of Books. I might even sneak one or both in during the readathon.

The second challenge hosted by LuLo Fangirl is a playlist.

The goal is to make a playlist centered around one of the books I am planing to read during the readathon. The playlist has to include at least 5 songs.

Reality Boy by A.S. King

  • Teenagers-MCR
  • Man that you fear-Marilyn Manson
  • Welcome to my life-Simple Plan
  • Simple song-Miley cyrus
  • New Perspective- Panic at the Disco

So I based my playlist around the theme of being misunderstood since that is the main theme in the book.

What about you if you did the challenges leave me a link below I would love to see your responses to the challenge.



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