Liebster Award

Hi guys I got nominated for the Liebster Award by the awesome Books and Palettes and Tika @ Fangirl Confessions i haven’t been blogging for long so I really appreciate it.

This award is given to new bloggers nominated by other bloggers. Again, thank you to those who nominated me.

The rules and who I nominated are at the end of my post.

Let the Questions Begin!

Questions from Books and Palettes:

  1. If I could change one thing about myself, What would it be?
    I am really really shy. I almost never talk unless I have to. Its actually why it took so long for me to start blogging. I get really nervous talking to people even online. I’ve had a lot of fun interacting with people though since I’ve started my blogging though.
  2. If I could change one thing about my blog,What would it be?
    Hmm, honestly there is a lot I would like to change about my blog. Since it is so new I have been playing around with everything right now. The biggest thing I want to change is the sidebar. I don’t have everything I would like there yet.
  3. What is your least favorite book cover?
    I actually went on Goodreads and browsed through covers to find one that stuck out to me. I picked this one
  4. Would I rather have books as hands or bookmarks as fingers?
    This one was a hard one I had no idea if I wanted to say. I am always losing my bookmarks so that would be really convenient. I guess I would choose to have books for hands though. They way I always have something to read.
  5. What is my favorite book?
    This is such a hard question to answer. My favorite anything switches all the time I guess right now I am really in to Pretty Girl by Amy Heugh. I really loved it when I read it and haven’t been able to stop thinking about.
  6. Where do you get your books?Why?
    Almost all books I read in print are from my library. I love going to the library and have been going for over 13 years. I love the people at libraries as well as the fact that libraries have huge selections. For my kindle I get books in varied places. I get books from Amazon(free ones only) and recently I have been getting e-arcs from authors. I’m think about making posts about different places I get books in the future.
  7.  Where is my favorite place to read
    My favorite place to read is on my couch. I usually read there most of the time. Its perfect right by a window for natural light and a lamp next to it to read when its darker. I can also read while watching t.v.
  8. Do I like magazines or books better?
    I love books so much more than magazines. I don’t really read magazines except occasionally 17 magazine.
  9. Why did I start blogging?
    I love reading other peoples book blogs as well as follow a lot of people in the booktube community. I also don’t have any friends around myself that read. I like talking about books and what I thought about them and didn’t really have a place to do that so I thought I would make my own place to chat books at.
  10. What is the funniest scene you have ever read?
    I just posted a review for These Broken Stars a few days ago. All I can think about is Traver’s snarky comments towards Lilac while they are lost in the middle of nowhere, While she is pouting in a big fluffy dress and high heels.
  11. What is a genre you don’t usually read but wish you could read more of?
    When I was way younger I read a lot of books in the mystery and horror genre. I got really tired of them and haven’t read a lot of them in years. I would love to get more in to them in the future.

 Questions from Tika:

  1. What do you like the most about being a book blogger?
    I love interacting and talking with other bloggers and readers. The best part so far in my journey blogging is defiantly all of discussions.
  2. What book has been your hardest to review. Why?
    I haven’t reviewed a lot of books yet but the hardest books for me to review are the ones where its ok but nothing to rave about or that bad about it. This is usually a 3 star rating for me. Its hard for me to find the balance between praises it and being critical about the book.
  3. 5 facts about you. (non-book related)
    ~I am a full time student at my community college majoring in English
    ~I am the oldest child in my family.
    ~I’m a night/early morning person. 11PM-5Am is the time i’m the most active.
    ~I try to learn a new word everyday and use it successfully during that day.
    ~I am extremely shy in person and almost never talk.

  4. What was your favorite book(s) growing up?
    ~Harry Potter- 
    first books to tell me there was really great books out there
    ~Magic Treehouse- the first books I remember reading on my own
    ~Goosebumps- I remember watch the show and reading the books while growing up
  5. What is your favorite trilogy? (not series)
    I have a confession I almost never finish series,especially trilogies.I somehow forget about them or get to lazy to hunt down the next book in the series, Whoops!  The only one I have read and finished in the last few years is The Curse Workers trilogy by Holly Black. 
  6. If you were living in a Dystopian world where as a team, you had to overthrow the government or society, 
    what 4 other fictional characters would you choose to assist you?
    Hmm, This one is really tough to answer.
    ~Hermione Granger- The brains of the team
    ~Allie Sekemoto- badass vampire from The Blood of Eden Series
    ~Cassel Sharpe-His ability would be super helpful from The Curse Workers series
    ~ Celaena Sardothien-Assasian from Throne of Glass series
    Okay 95% of the reason I picked them are because I would just really want to hang out with them. To be far though I don’t think any government could take down my team.

  7. If you could re-write any book, what would it be? Why?
    I decided to pick a book I gave 4 stars to and tell why it didn’t get the last star. I picked Lydia Kang’s Control. The only major concern I had with this is the fact that our main Zel acted like she couldn”t trust anyone. This resulted in her making really stupid mistakes that could of been avoided if she would of just sucked up her pride.
  8. Have a book boyfriend or girlfriend? Spill the tea on who they are.
    More like I have a hundred but I decided to pick one that I actually had a chance at working a relationship out with. This basically means I picked a “normie” living in a normal world.
    Beck from OCD Love Story I wasn’t actually planning on picking him originally but I do love him.  I have OCD as well nowhere near as strong as his but atleast we would understand each other. Plus he was a really lovable love interest in the book.
  9. What is your all time favorite book? (just one, I wanted to make it a bit difficult lol)
    Favorte book? Wow that is hard! Okay I always say Harry Potter so I am going to pick a different fav.
    I loved Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson. This was my first YA book. Its what made me love the genre.
  10. Do you have any other hobbies besides reading and blogging?
    I love making things like crafts including origami, jewelry, and modeling with clay
  11. Even though it’s a bit early for a top 10 list of your favorite books for 2014, what 3 books are you 100% certain will make it on the list this year.
    ~LoveLines-S. Walden
    ~Fangirl-Rainbow Rowell
    ~Hopeless-Colleen Hoover

  12. Hate is a strong word, but what book(s) do you absolutely despise?
    Things fall apart by Chinua Achabe 
    I had to read this book for my English class last year. I didn’t like anything about this book.

Whoa! That was a lot of questions! I nominate Reading Page by Paige and As the pages turn

Your Questions

  1. What is your favorite book currently?
  2. What book does everyone else love but you?
  3. What book has the prettiest cover?
  4. What is your favorite genre? Why?
  5. What theme in books are you totally over?
  6. Who is your favorite author?
  7. Bookish pet peeve?
  8. What genre do you wish you read more of?
  9. Physical book or ebook?
  10. Biggest turn off in a book?
  11. Favorite theme in a book?

If you were nominated, here are the rules:
Thank whoever nominated you. Answer the 11 questions and nominate another new blogger, or two, and give them a set of 11  questions. Then, let them know on their blog as a comment that they were nominated and leave a link to your post.



4 thoughts on “Liebster Award

  1. It’s crazy that by just asking 11 questions, you can learn so much about a person! I’m glad I’m not the only one who is a night owl. I’m literally up everyday until 4 am looking at book hauls, blogging or reading. Yes, to Goosebumps! Those books used to be my favorites besides Harry Potter and the Chronicles of Narnia.

    & Girl that cover had me dying! Killer rabbits and raccoons, really? That author should be ashamed. lol Thanks again for answering the questions, hopefully we can continue to connect with one another!


    1. Yeah, I had no idea how much you could learn about someone with so little of questions. My family thinks I’m nuts that I am so active and awake that late/early. OMG that cover had me stopped in my tracks when I saw it. I know I’m not suppose to judge a book by its cover but god that cover is horrid.
      Thanks again for nominating me for the award. Yeah hope we can still talk with each other.


      1. lmao right! My mom yells at me all the time for being up so late. I’m like ” Uhh, I can’t really help it.” lol. Man I try to not judge a book by it’s cover, but that . . . I just have no words. Do you have a twitter? I find it easier to talk with book bloggers there.


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