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R&R Review: Kindness of Kings

Title: The Kindness of Kings
Author: Chelsea Ballinger
Genre:  Epic Romance
Format: Ebook
Source: Author


Some will fall. Others will rise. True love might be the only way to save them all.

In a modern world where monarchies still exist and swords and knights are replaced with bodyguards and guns, King Caius rules as a tyrant obsessed with power. He breathes it and his arrogance blinds him, hindering his faith and humility. He thrives to teach his eldest son, the crown prince, Sedgwick, these same ethics of a King. But while he has love for one son, he despises the other.
Prince Louie has always been content with his role as the second son. He is not someone who embraces responsibility and who is willing to sacrifice his freedom. He is fine being known as the bad boy prince and the black sheep of the family. He loves his brother and believes he will make a great King and even though he envies the love his father gives to his older brother, he is completely conflicted with guilt and jealousy when it comes to the girl whose eyes linger at Sedgwick like he is the sun while Louie sees her as the Universe he will never be able to grasp.
Mina has known the princes all her life. While her aunt worked in the royal palace, she shared her childhood with the brothers. Soon the playful games with Sedgwick turned into first love and the teasing from Louie turned into a low tolerance for him. Never seeing the truth of Louie or his heart, but giving hers to Sedgwick who is torn between his love for her and his loyalty to his father and his duty as the next king of Serenity.
They have all known their roles in their sheltered society, but what happens when dark times test the true nature of each? Relationships, loyalties, faith, and destiny will be tested in this epic love story that will alter a kingdom.

☛ I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review.☚

My Thoughts

First thing, This cover is absolutely gorgeous. I love it! It really pops and stands out.

I really liked this book. The story was beautiful. It read like a fairy tale with a more modern twist. The written perspective switched between characters in 3rd perspective with the narrator knowing what was going to happen before we did. It read like a storyteller was working an audience.

I did enjoy this book, but some of the elements of this book was confusing. The main concept is kings and queens in a modern society and I had a hard time comprehending this because their was new countries added to the world like Serenity and I had no idea where they were and how they corresponded with the rest of the world. They mentioned other countries like Italy and Europe in general. I couldn’t figure out if the new kingdoms replaced countries or were added to our world. Besides that while reading it felt like it was a middle age kinda world until they would mention something really modern like technology.

The best part of the story was Mina’s and Louie’s growing relationship. I liked watching Louie break out of his shell as his and Mina’s relationship evolved and grew. Mina was such a interesting character to read about and I loved hearing her thoughts and Louie’s as they grew as characters.

A problem I did have though was there was a lot of telling not showing especially in the beginning. It kinda felt like the author was trying to fit in information that they thought was important for the story but didn’t want to spend to much time on it. Another time I noticed it was after a character would do an action like frown or scrunch their eyebrows, like they were unsure if the message was put a crossed like they intended the action to portray. In my opinion if those moments were left out the writing would of been more powerful. Some minor technical problems with merged paragraphs made it a little hard to see who the paragraph was about.

I loved the Queen even though she wasn’t the biggest character in the story, her actions resulted in making the story as fabulous as it was. I loved how well written the minor characters were. Also I was surprised by the twists towards the middle/end of the book. i wasn’t expecting them at all and really enjoyed them.

Overall all this was a good book but not a great one.



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