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R&R Review: Claimed by Clarissa Cartharn

Title: Claimed
Author: Clarissa Cartharn
Genre: Dystopian Romance
Format: Ebook
Source: Author



When love stakes its claim, will anything else matter?

He wasn’t human. He was a chimera; part human-part animal. And yet he knew her, he felt her like no man had ever done

In the year 3035, where corporations rule the world and everything is merchandised, freedom rides on the hopes of one man- and he isn’t human.

The moment I laid eyes on her, I knew she was mine.

But the fact was, Ellie was a Callum. Her father was Aaron Callum, the corrupt governor of Sector 8- an entertainer of the rich and an oppressor to the poor. I was certain he was involved in the disappearance of my da. And I would be darned if any of my family worked for the Callums.

But then I saw her. I wanted her. I had laid down my principles and now I was breaking them. Was I willing to risk the freedom of my people for her? The success of a possible revolution? Or could I claim it all even if she discovered who I really was? A brother, a son, a revolutionary, an enemy. Would she love me if she discovered I wasn’t human?

Jared Ryder


~I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review~

  First thing, I love the cover of the book! It immediately draws you in and made me want to read what the book was about. I included the old title in the synopsis because I wanted to show the difference between the titles. I like the title Claimed a lot more than Woodsmen. It totally made since as a title after reading the book but it also made it to Robin Hood for me.

Initially, I was kinda worried reading this. The first bit of the book reminded me a lot of Hunger games and also Robin Hood. There of course is nothing wrong with either of those but I am so glad it strayed from following into those plot lines. Soon though it became its own story with a really interesting world and approach.

It’s the year 3035. The world is now called New America and is broken up into sectors. Everything belongs to the corporation the earth, air, water, and forest.
Jared is 27 and from the poorest sector of District 8. He father was taken away by the government leaving him to provide for his mother, sister, and her two kids. Governor Callum, the leader of Sector 8, helped with the arrest of Jared’s father causing a burning hatred for all of the Callums.

Ellie is the exact opposite to Jared. She is the oldest daughter to Governor Callum and lives in a world of privilege and wealth.  Appearance is the most important thing in her world. She is engaged to Edmund, her father’s future heir.

Jared and Ellie meet and are instantly drawn to each other. Both fight to forget each other knowing that they shouldn’t like each. Jared for is hatred of all of the Callums and Ellie because she is engaged to be married.

Being from two different worlds and Ellie basically being the enemy doesn’t stop Jared from being obsessed with her. He is disappointed because she is unavailable and becomes even more upset when he discovers he is a chimera. He has a really hard time dealing with who he is now and how Ellie would feel if she ever found out.

Jared joins the rebellion as the Archer but has a hard time dealing with it knowing that Ellie is on the other side of the fight.

As far as plot that is as much as I feel I can share without giving to much away. You will have to find out if the rebellion succeeds and/or Ellie and Jared end up together or not

The concept of using Chimera as the paranormal creature was brilliant. I hadn’t read anything with one before so defiantly a point for originality.

The information on how the government works was really nicely written. I loved how the current facts of international news is inter-weaved in the back story.

I loved watching Ellie and Jared come into who they are both were being pushed in to following what everyone else was telling them to do. I liked that they stood their ground on issues they believed in. Like when Ellie wanted to help the commoners even against her families opinion and Jared refusing to go through with Saunder’s plan.

I liked the balance between the romance and power struggle and didn’t feel that either over powered the other one. The biggest issue I had was the ending.. Is that it? Is there a second book?




5 thoughts on “R&R Review: Claimed by Clarissa Cartharn

  1. Idk why, but when I read that he was part human-part animal, I immediately pictured him as the thing from The Chronicles of Narnia. I can’t remember his name lol. This seems interesting. I haven’t read a dystopian in a while, so I might need to add this to get my fix. Thanks for sharing!


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