R&R Review B-Side Diaries by Brian Joyce

Title: B-side Diaries
Author: Brian Joyce    
Genre: Young Adult
Format: Ebook
Source: Author

Rory is only seventeen years old and six months removed from his friends in Nashville, Tennessee when he receives the news that his best friend Christopher has died—and worse yet, he has been hand selected to deliver Christopher’s eulogy. Over the course of one weekend Rory must confront his fears of public speaking, falling in love, growing up, and losing a sense of what he calls home. Wrought with emotion, and fueled by teenaged doubt, friendship, and punk rock music—The B-Side Diaries unravels the truths about not only what it means to lose a close friend, but also the truths about what it means to be a teenager. Told through diary-like confessions from Rory’s perspective, The B-Side Diaries is written in a faux-memoir style, that pulls the reader into the mind of a teenager sorting out his life, and coming to grips with his loss of innocence.

Think “The Big Chill” for teenagers meets Fat Kid Rules the World.

~I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review~

My Thoughts

The B-side Diaries is a Faux-memoir told from Rory’s perspective on dealing with his best friends Christopher’s death. The story starts with Rory receiving a call from Christopher’s mother about his passing and being asked to write the eulogy for her. This book is about growing up, trying to understand life, memories, and music.

I loved this book! God, everything about this book struck a cord for me and I love that!

I really liked the story and message in this book. I really connected with this book on a personal level and I think everyone will. The focus of this book is about being a confused teen and for the first time having to deal with something that changed us forever. 

In the beginning it was hard to appreciate Christopher like all of the characters in the book did. Maybe that was because we never met Christopher in the book. That was until Rory and his friends told stories about him and my appreciations and feelings for Christopher grew and I mourned his lost with them.

Music is such an important part of this book and I love that! Music conveys so much emotion and feels and ii helped to connect us to the characters through their love of music. Brian Joyce also used real music in here. So you can look up the songs and listen to it while the characters are as well. It helped enhance the scenes and I found some new music to listen to!

One problem I had was the way the main sometimes talked. He was so poetic in some scenes. Keeping in mind that he is only seventeen it was weird to hear some of the things he said. They were a little to perfect especially in the middle of a conversations. That being said there are amazing quote worthy moments all around in this book.

Also I loved the Eulogy that Rory did. It was absolutely perfect and I agree one hundred percent with what he said.

I loved this and will for sure be looking out for more books by Brian Joyce in the future! 


“It’s funny how books can change you. You open up a book and one minute you are who you’ve always been, then you read some random passage and you become someone else”

“Now I understand that the only true constant in life was that there is always change, and that change cannot be stopped, however much we would like to stop it”

“I guess what’s most important is that we chose to live with our hearts open and to let our experiences show us the way towards our brightest days. We may have gotten lost, or found, we may have become down-and-out, but at least we could say that we had lived, and that we had chose to exist through what made us feel alive. In the end we should all be so lucky to have lived so well” 



4 thoughts on “R&R Review B-Side Diaries by Brian Joyce

  1. This sounds really good. I love YA novels that deliver a message within the story. It seems like it would be a sad read, but I have’t shed a few tears in a while so it’s cool. Thanks for sharing!


  2. The fact that the main character doesn’t always speak like his age is something that really bothered me about the Fault in Our Stars as well. I think I might still read this as well, because I think the idea and concept of death is something worthy writing about that many people might be able to relate to. I think that it’s great that the main character wanted to get over his fear for his friend :’)



    1. When characters don’t talk their age that really bothers me too. With this book and the Fault in Our Stars I didn’t mind overly bad because the plot and story was worth it. I really ended up liking it even though he talked a little funky! Death is such an interesting topic in books. I’ve read a lot of them in the last 2 years and they are so interesting everyone copes differently and that is really interesting to read about. Hope you read and enjoy it. If you do let me know your thoughts would love to hear your opinions about it!


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