Tackle Your TBR Read-a-thon sign up/goals/updates

This is 100% a last minute decision to join. I have a huge TBR right now including Review  Requests right now and I would love to make a huge dent really soon.

Here is some information for you

This RaT is hosted by Wishful Endings.

The Tackle Your TBR Read-a-thon begins Monday, September 8th and ends Saturday, September 20th. You do not have to be a blogger to sign up. Just use your Goodreads, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, or Tumblr instead (the place you’re going to post updates on). You just need to be able to leave a link. For signing up, you should create a sign-up post and use that as your link.

If you would like to participate here is a link for you to see the original blog post.

I am trying to be pretty lax with my goals for this readathon. I participated in the Bout of Books last month and didn’t accomplish my goals.


  • Read at least 3 books(I read about 3 books a week on avg. so should be easy)
  • Participate in at least 1 challenge
  • Visit at least 10 blogs a day

Currently these are some of the books I might read during the RaT


I didn’t read anything for the first day of the readathon. I spent the day prescheduling posts for the  days of the readathon so I wouldn’t have to worry about anything on my blog other than responding to emails and comments. Really glad I did this relieved a lot of pressure for the readathon.

First day I actually got some reading done. I read a whole novella and a good chunk of another book. I spent most of the day however doing school work. Overall pretty happy with myself for the day.

Today was a really good day for me I finished two more works today. A novella and a book for a blog tour next week. My total now is three books which was my goal for the readathon. YAY! I also started a 4th book but didn’t get very far in it today.

Yay so I finished another book today and I am really happy about the pace I am going. I think this readathon was exactly what I needed to push myself to get through as many review request books as possible. The book I read today was Blue Crush by Jules Barnard the second book in the blue series. I am totally loving this series. i read the first one last week and loved it!. So disappointed that I now have to wait for the third one to be published. Anyways I have a review for the first its here and a review of this one will be published this sunday.

MidPoint Checkpoint

Completed Reads: 7
Completed Titles: 
Blue Crush, The Promise, This Beautiful World, The Beginning of the End, Captive, A Demon in Love, Taboo 0: Cliché of memories

Okay so I have doubled my intended amount of books for this RaT! I am so excited. I’m on a roll so I am going to try to finish 10 now for the readathon. YaY!


So I read two novellas today. I really liked both of the ones I read and I started a book for a blog tour next week. i have a review scheduled for both of them at the beginning of next month. Both were really good. I’m kinda happy with the amount I read yesterday but I wish I would of finished the novel as well. Oh well maybe tomorrow.


I read almost nothing today. i started a book that I read about 15 pages in and then I went to sleep! Yep! I went to sleep at like 4PM and sleeped until the next morning! I didn’t get up until 10AM! To be fair I had 3 tests and wrote 2 papers and I guess I was tired! I think that since I finished my papers. I’ll be able read a lot more tomorrow.


After my fail yesterday I really kicked into high gear today since I am ahead with my school work. I also worked on some blog posts but i accomplished a lot today. I read 3 books today. That takes my total to 12 books so far and I don’t think I am going to push it but I am going to read whatever I can before the readathon completes.

Any one participating in this RaT? If you are leave your link below I would love to check it out!



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