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R&R Review The Demon Song by Helena Shaw

Title: The Demon Song
Helena Shaw
Paranormal New Adult Romance


The one man who can save Cadence may also be the one to destroy her.

Shadows cloak Cadence’s every move, but only she can see the swirling darkness and the encroaching shadows threaten more than just her vision. Sinister and evil creatures stalk her from beyond her sight, eager to claim a power hidden within her that she does not yet understand.

But the shadows clear within the presence of her new boss, the dangerously sexy Draven Crane. Draven’s strength comforts Cadence, but his secrets might prove to be just as dangerous as the evils that threaten her.

Draven promises he’ll protect her from the darkness, but Cadence fears trusting the mysterious man. If taken, Cadence will be devoured by evil. If Draven saves her, her life may very well be in the hands of a demon.

~I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review~

My Thoughts

I love this cover so much! I was immediately drawn into it because the man on the cover is playing the Cello. I love the Cello and have been playing 7 years! Besides that the summary was really interesting and I wanted to read and find out what happened.

When I picked up a copy of The Demon’s Song I didn’t know it was so short. I’d say less than 100 pages. On Goodreads it didn’t say so I  was unaware. With that being said a lot was packed into this book. With me I always want more when it comes to short books. I felt like it was just getting really good and interesting when it ended. This work could/would be a very interesting series or extended work. It left me wanting more and to see how Cadence and Draven explore their relationship.

I typically prefer my female leads to be stronger than Cadence but I could see where she was coming from. Her family has disowned her as well she feels like a freak because she has been seeing shadows since she was young.  She made some strange choices at least for me I wouldn’t of put myself in the situations she did but I see where she was coming from. I would of loved to see her gift/powers play a bigger part. Why is everyone after it and what can she do now with Draven’s help.

I think Draven was my favorite of the characters. Not a shocker I almost always pick the love interest. Draven was so mysterious and intriguing that I just wanted more and more of him.  He explained his world really well and its one I would love to delve into further. Oh and he’s a musician too!!! I don’t think he can get anymore perfect!

This was a really good and interesting. I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys a paranormal romance story as well as if you are looking for something quick and entertaining.



8 thoughts on “R&R Review The Demon Song by Helena Shaw

  1. Great review, Arya. I was thinking of reading this book because I was lured by the cover (it’s so pretty!) but when you said that it only had less than 100 pages, I’m not so sure anymore.


      1. Ooooh, so you’re a cellist. You should read Madeleine Abducted by M.S. Willis. 😀 Well, that is if you love really dark stories.


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