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Review Love Simmers by Jules Deplume

Title: Love Simmers
Author: Jules Deplume
Series: Sail Away#1
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Format: Ebook
Source: Author


Logan Blake and Nate James have been friends since childhood. But in the wake of a heated moment in high school, their relationship forever changed when Logan left town. Now a successful celebrity chef, Logan returns home to lend her twin brother a helping hand as he and Nate open their own restaurant. Tensions simmer between Logan and Nate until an animal extremist group targets Logan, old ex’s cause trouble, and a night in jail finally pushes their passion to boiling point.

This 22,000-word novella contains one commitment-phobic woman, one sexy patient guy willing to compromise and one exhausted twin brother who just wants a successful opening night.

~My Thoughts~

This book has two really beautiful covers and I had the hardest time picking one. I ended up picking this one because it went better with the synopsis, at least I think so.

I really liked this book! I think this is the first book that I have ever read set in Canada. Which is completely awesome a lot of the books I read are set in the States so it was a really pleasant change.

One of my favorite things about this book is Logan’s personality. She  was so witty and snarky and that is a major plus in my book. The only character flaw I disliked is the fact that she constantly talked about a love/hate relationship with her job. I wish she would of decided whether she enjoyed it or not but I understand that not being a important factor since it is a novella.

Nate was such an amazing male lead. He was totally swoon worthy and who doesn’t love a tall broading man. I loved that he was in love with our main for this whole time and never gave up on her.

I also loved the friendship between the four in the gang. Logan,Ollie,Nate, and Kate was such an awesome group that stuck together through tough times and I loved that. I really am excited for the next books in the series since it will follow other characters we were already introduced to in this one.

If you enjoy a good short romance with a HEA than you should check this one out!



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