Salem’s lot Read-A-long

Jackie's Bookbytes


Hi guys today I wanted to tell you about this awesome read-a-long I am participating in this month. Its hosted by the lovely Jackie over at Jackie’s Bookbytes you should for sure check her out if you have a chance. Anyways this month we are planning to read Stephen King’s Salem’s Lot. If you would like to join in here is the sign up link. Don’t have the book? No problem Jackie has linked ways for you to read the book free! Check out the above link!

At this time i am unsure if I will be posting separate posts for the discussions and challenges and things but this will most likely be the source for all of the information so check back to this post often. I would love to see some of you guys participating and to the other participants I can’t wait to talk to throughout this Read-A-long!



2 thoughts on “Salem’s lot Read-A-long

  1. Thanks for joining Salem’s Lot read-a-long and sharing it on your blog! I wish I could inspire more people to join but I won’t hold it against them 😛 . Salem’s Lot is a very re-readable book and it’s more enjoyable when you read it slow.


    1. Thanks so much for hosting! With so many review requests on my pile right now I have been avoiding reading for pleasure! This book has been on my TBR for years and I really am excited to have a “excuse” to read it!


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