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Two Reviews: Monkey Talk and 13th Prophet by T. Lucas Earle

Today I will be reviewing two works by T. Lucas Earle. I received both of these books for review from the author and since both stories are rather short I have included them both together instead of two short posts.

Title: Monkey Talk
Author: T. Lucas Earle
Genre: Short Story
Format: Ebook
Source: Author

Monkey Talk is loosely based on the Chinese myth, the Monkey King, a timeless story about who belongs, and who doesn’t. In a future in which Chimps can give lectures on cybernetics, Mr. Towry is a Chimp with an attitude. Unfortunately, the rules are still “No shirt, no shoes, no service.”

~My Thoughts~

I really liked this story a lot. When a work is really short like this one I try not to spoil myself by reading blurbs or reviews so I had no idea what I was getting into and I’m glad I went with this approach it made this book a surprise and I loved that.

This book is suppose to be loosely based on a Chinese myth called the Monkey King. I haven’t read the myth before this so I can’t truly say if it is or is not similar. I might have to check it out in the future if its expected to be similar to this work.

Reviewing a short work is a really hard challenge for me. Trying to share my thoughts and opinions for something so short makes me feel like I would be giving a way to much information.

This story is told from the perspective of a chimp, Mr. Towry, who lives in a world where chimps can talk. My only real complaint for this is the fact that it is so short. It feels like only a small part of a story was told and Mr. Towry has a bigger story to tell. When I read a short story I don’t expect so much depth and story. I don’t expect such a strong connect to characters or investment in their journey.  This short story is 16 pages long and I found that it had better depth than some series that I have read.

(First published in Electric Spec, Aug 31, 2011)

Title: The 13th Prophet
T. Lucas Earle
 dystopian sci-fi/Noir

In this entertaining short story, T. Lucas blends classic noir and dystopian sci-fi, exposing the strange underbelly where conformity, fashion, and religion collide.
Mulligan Burke, an over-the-hill P.I. who has forsaken the evils of Personality implants, is brought back from Alaska to investigate the murder of one of the Prophets. The Prophets inhabit the highest position of the social hierarchy – they dictate fashion trends. Fashion, in this instance, encompasses much more than clothing. And, as Burke discovers, being fashionable is something to die – or kill – for

~My Thoughts~

 Out of both of these short stories this one was my favorite. I love a really good sci-fi/ dystopian. The concept of a world where fashion dictates life is a really interest theme. Fashion currently is a important aspect of life and it was really interesting to see it taken to an extreme.

The mystery aspect of the story was really interesting I liked the concept and the conclusion of the mystery were really good and interesting. I stayed invested throughout the whole story.

The world was really interesting and I was really interested in seeing glimpses of it. It was developed really well and explained well. I was really impressed with that because it is so short but described strongly. It was a very entertaining short story to read.

(First published in Colored Lens, Jan 2, 2013)



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