Review: The Tunnel by Helene Louard

Title: The Tunnel 
Author: Helene Louard
Source: Author
Format: Ebook


Seventeen-year-old Alexa enters a strange tunnel on a nameless road; and her life changes forever. She is sent to the future, where the earth is ravaged by mutated animals and ruled by the Others: monsters that were once human.
Before a mutated dog tears her to shreds, she is rescued and taken to Shelter, where the few human survivors remain.
There, she meets two warrior brothers, Micah and Tane. Micah is warm-hearted and flirtatious, while his brother is mysterious and guarded. Despite her better judgment, Alexa is drawn to the dangerous Tane, but she has bigger problems than unrequited emotion.
Soon, she questions how she ended up in the future. Why did the tunnel choose her, and why are the people of Shelter so welcoming? Tane is entrusted with her protection, but even more questions arise as Alexa begins to suspect the Others are out to get her. Alexa could hold the power to save the human race, but first, she must make a devastating choice that will alter the fate of the world.


First thing I have to talk about is this amazing cover. Uhm gorgeous what else can I really say! It also really portrays the mood and the world nicely. The cover also represent an important aspect of the book which was really nice when I was able to connect it to the plotline.

I read this all in one sitting and I really liked it and couldn’t put it down. I really was excited to discover how the story progressed and what the prophecy was that I forgot to eat and do productive things while I had this book to read. Oh Well 😛

Alexa is our main and I really liked her! At first I was worried that I wouldn’t because of the time she was in the present. Her family was mean to her and the agreed with them and I was hoping and praying that she wasn’t going to be a negative nancy throughout the whole book. Luckly she wasn’t and ended up being rather enjoyable. Overall she was strong and interesting.

My biggest fear for this book was that there was going to be a love triangle but there wasn’t and I was so relieved because I think it would of really taken away from the great plot this book possessed. Both of the brothers were great and I’m glad we didn’t really have to pick a side in her love adventure and had a clear interest from Alexa.

Most of the story takes place during the future where Alexa has to adapt to this world with The Others and the survivors. She also has to deal with a prophecy and what that means for her and then has to make a choice that will change everything for her. It was really interesting world that was setup I really liked all of the aspects and seeing how the shelter was built and maintained. As well as watch Alexa’s relationships grow.

My biggest complaint is for after they start trying to complete the prophecy. The whole point of the book was the prophecy and trying to save the world but that seemed to be the smallest bit of the book. I would of liked it to be a little more drawn out since the book was leading us up to Alexa trying to save the world.

I have also recently discovered that there is going to be a prequel to this book that I am really excited to read sometime in the future and I am really curious on what questions it might answer and what new info it has to share.

I did enjoy this book and would reccomend to anyone who like a good post apocalyptic books as well as anyone who would like to try one thats  a little bit different.



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