Review~ Status: The Game by Vincent Robert Annunziato

Title: Status:The Game 
Author: Vincent Annunziato
Genre: Young Adult/New Adult
Format: Ebook
Source: Author

The Internet Game Too Dangerous To Stop Playing! (Young Adult/New Adult)

Do you enjoy suspense, thrilling action and high stakes drama? Then you will enjoy reading “Status The Game!” Author Vincent Robert Annunziato seamlessly guides readers through two worlds so intertwined that you will never know when the game ends.

– The World of Status
Status is an on-line MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer On-line Role Playing Game) where popular players make money and get free items in exchange for advertising. The more status points a player scores the more contracts a player can win. Players can choose from one of two tracks. For those players that have a bit of Hollywood, Celebrity track is best suited for you. For players that are strategists, you may want to consider the Political track. No matter what track you choose, players start off as Zombies (pre-human;economically challenged) seeking refuge with a cave of like-minded folks. Due diligence will help you work your way up the ladder so that someday you too can become a Strider (humans with economic clout). Gain Status Points by spreading rumors and/or succeeding in your daily life.

– Life Outside of Status
Bob Brooks enters Madison High as an inexperienced teacher that should have never landed the full time teaching position he applied for. He has ulterior motives that have nothing to do with teaching, but everything to do with playing Status. Thinking his students will be easy pawns to gain popularity, Bob naively walks into unchartered territory and discovers a dangerous world without rules. The game uses social media to spread rumors instantaneously. Vicious lies as well as untold truths destroy both friends and enemies. Nothing is sacred in a world where image is everything. Players stop at nothing to win points and increase their status in the hopes of becoming famous, maybe even wealthy.

Everyone is suspect in this thrilling adventure of social battles that pits brains versus brawn and haves versus have nots. Find out who wins! Oh and by the way, obtaining enough status might just make you the next big star of the internet. With fame and fortune just a rumor away, who wouldn’t want to play…”Status?”

Stay Strong! Stay Loyal!


Okay so this book took me so long to read it! Usually thats a negative for me when reading fiction. I can usually fly through a book and have a book this size done before the day is over. However , I spent so much time just thinking about this book and was putting it down every few minutes and try to guess what would happen. The game Status was so realistic and terrifying because it was so real.

Status would be a perfect book for any gamer . The development of the game and the inclusion of the rules for the game brought it to life.I am a big fan of RPG games and I think all gamers have thought about their favorite game meshing with their “real” life. After reading Status I think everyone will rethink wanting that for sure. Status and the concept of a game that can dictate your life was such a unique concept. We as a group of people are so connected to each other  through the internet and the privacy of the past is so gone now that something like Status is so possible and that it scary.

Bob who is our main character was kinda hard to connect with. Through most of the book i had a hard time caring about him and what was happening to him. The other characters and their perspective was a lot more action packed and intriguing to me. The further we got into the story I started to like Bob more but I never fully felt committed towards him like I did the other characters. He felt more like a tool to get us into the world.

I love the secondary characters in this book. They were so well developed and their stories took over the book for me! I was really drawn in and my sympathy and feelings shifted back and forth and it was great.  It was just one big mystery . You didn’t know who was playing Status and where their alliances really stood.  I had so much fun coming up with theories and plot twists in my head and trying to figure out how this was going to end. P.S. I was completely wrong.

 I don’t think I have read a book that involves so many story lines that intertwined as well as this one. Everything just wrapped up nicely at the end and it was really impressive. My only complaint is towards the end. I was unsure how Bob helped at the end. He was suppose to do something major and I am not quite sure what he did or how he did it and I am pretty curious about that!

The way the book ended was really interesting. It was really mysterious and left it in a very interesting way setting up a future book really nicely and I am excited to see how the world of Status and the players will be when this series continues.

I would for sure recommend this book to everyone it ended up being a lot of fun and exciting. I would really recommend it especially to teens and lovers of YA.



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