Mini Review: Elfstruck by Heather Farthing


An old soldier still guards a mountain pass after all these years, and tells a young visitor why.


Elfstruck is a piece of flash fiction that  literally takes a few minutes to read.  Honestly its kinda hard to talk about this work when there is only a few pages. I don’t want to give away anything so I can only leave a few bits about the story. I also picked up this work while it was free which is great since it was so short.

If you plan to try to read this work make sure to remember that the context is more important than the length and you’ll probably do fine. The writing is good but it feels like a side story from a series or another piece of work. It would do great in a collection of shorts.  However it was well-written and the story we got was interesting so all in all I was rather happy. I give it a solid 3/5




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