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Gift Ideas for the Book Lovers in your Life #2


The time around the holidays is when we usually think about gifts/presents for the people in our lives. But why should we limit ourselves to only thinking about it then. This year I am starting a weekly series for possible gift ideas for the bookish people in your life! For all of the gift giving times of the year.

This time around I thought about GAMES! I love playing games with my family and friends so I thought to find some games that involved books or the written word and these are some of my finds. If you have played or end up finding some games as well I woud love to here about it!

So this one is a pretty obvious game to pick up. It a book lovers monopoly! This would be a really awesome game where you get to “buy” your favorite books. It has some really cool spaces on the board that I think a lot of readers would appreciate. The listing I found was on Amazon but you can search its name to find a different listing there was a lot!


Photo Credit; Board Game Geek

The Shining
This one is actually FREE so if you like Stephen King you should really check this one out!
In this creepy game, one player controls the Overlook Hotel, and the other the Torrence family, each trying to destroy — or at least best — the other. Unlike most of the games on this list, this one was created with the support of the original author, and in fact Stephen King was one of its first play-testers. You can download it here.

The Pride and Prejudice Game

The point of this game is you pick your favorite couple and try to be the first couple to get married while avoiding all the bad things. I think this game would be really fun for any Jane Austen Lover out there.

Check it out here!

So this edition was really fun! I found a lot of games out there and will for sure be posting a part two to this post in the future but I thought this would be a really good start. Hope you guys have fun gaming!

If items are no longer available, please contact the seller to inquire further information. 

Check back every Tuesday for more awesome gift/present ideas for you or the other Book Lovers in your life!!! 



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