April Wrap-up!


Hey guys, long time no post! I am so excited to be back and hopefully back to posting a little bit more regular! I have a few posts in mind to hopefully have up soon as well as a lot of backed up reviews!

Anyways in the month of April I read 13 books!

The first few are all by Edgar Allen Poe! I am taking a class focused around him at my college and the works I’ve read so far by him are below.

Mr. Poe is one of my favorite authors so I was so excited to get the chance to read some of his work for school. These ones I’ve read in the past but I really enjoy all 4 of them and I am so glad to of had an excuse to pick them up again. The four read were The Raven, The Black Cat, Hop-Frog, and The Masque of the Red Death. All great read and ones I highly recommend.

April was also verse month at my local library. I really like verse novels so I picked up 3 of the suggested ones in the YA section and read

Audacious, All The Broken Pieces and Hidden. I really like the second two and was not a fan of the first but it was really nice getting back into verse novels and I have the hope to read some more in the future.

I also picked up and read 3 graphic novels.

I plan to have review of I and You up sometime in the future. As for the other two they were really good and I will hopefully read more by the authors in the future.

The last 3 books I read are

So that is all I read in the month of April. It was a pretty good month for me and I’m pretty happy with the things I managed to read.


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