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2015 Reading Challenge Update

Hey guys,

So at the beginning of the year I decided to participate in a lot of challenges. When I decided this I also said I wouldn’t look at any of the stats to often to not pressure myself to badly this year. At first I tried to keep track every month of the facts and what I read and what challenge it fit into but I got really overwhelmed with how little I felt I was accomplishing and promptly put myself in a reading and blogging slump and disappeared from the blogging world. Recently I have come out of both of these slumps and thought I could hand the stats of my challenges again. So this post is all about the progress I have hopefully made so far this year. Its a little bit least than halfway through the year and probably a good time for me to know some estimate of how much work I need to do to call these challenges a success.

I haven’t listed the individual books that apply to each challenge. When I complete a challenge I will make a complete post with all of the books and how they applied to the challenge. This post would be ridicules if I tried to include them all here.

These stats are from January to early May only!

The first challenge I am looking at is the Full House Challenge


There is a total of 25 squares on this bingo card and so far I have completed 23 of the squares( I forgot to mark book by author you really like woops :P). I already have 1 of the squares planned out but the southern hemisphere one I haven’t figured out what to do with it yet. I don’t think I have ever read a book set in the southern Hemisphere. If you have any suggestions that would be really awesome!
92% completed!

This challenge was the most difficult challenge I picked out for me. I tend to read books with about 350 pages or less. So far this year I haven’t read anything to go with this challenge. The most pages I’ve read for a book is 420 pages. I have tons of books on my TBR that fits into this challenge but I haven’t seemed to find the right time to read those specific books. I will for sure try to read more larger books in the rest of the year.
0/5 completed

This one I didn’t think would be to troubling for myself. Out of the 26 letters in the alphabet I was only worried about 3 of them.  Those being X, Y, and of course Z.  However I haven’t found a book to fill the slot for J or V yet. For not trying to look for any specific letter I think I am doing really good so far. I’ll probably not focus to hard on this challenge until its closer to the end of the year.


I wasn’t sure at the beginning of the year if I was going to do good or bad on this challenge. When I was younger I read a lot of graphic novels, comics, and manga and I was caught up on everything especially superhero comics but once I entered high school I fell out of love with them and rarely even looked at them let alone read them. So far I am doing really good on this challenge. I set myself to read  this year and at this point in the year I believe I’ve read about 9. I also have 5 waiting for me at the library and  I have no doubt that this challenge will be completed by June no problem. I’m really happy to be back in the illustrated novel world again. Do you have any favorites? I would love some recommendations I am so behind.
75% completed
I am a library lover and at least half of the books I read in a year come from the library. So far I’ve read about 20 from the library but I will for sure be reading a lot more of them especially over summer break starting next Monday. So I am basically on track for this challenge so far this year.
55% completed

So I signed up for this challenge thinking it would be really easy for me seeing as I’ve read 30 of the top 100 of the books and another 30 have been on my TBR forever. So far I’ve only managed to read 1 of the 10 I need to complete this challenge. At this point of the year I haven’t been drawn to read most of the books on this list and I don’t know why. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to suck up this “eh” feeling soon and get through some of these books before the end of the year.

The Goodreads Challenge

My challenge this year is to read 200 books. This is a 50 book jump from last year and honestly is completely ridiculously hard to try to keep up with at least for me. I tend to read sporadically and Goodreads always makes me feel like I am doing horribly if I don’t put in my stats in right a way. I tend to forget to add books to Goodreads constantly and when I do check Goodreads and find that I am 15 books behind I completely panic. When I do manage to put my stats in I find that I read about even with where I’m suppose to be at this point. I’ve read 78 books currently and I’m suppose to be at 79. So I’m not doing so bad right now.

That all for me in this update.

Did you sign up for any challenges this year? If so how have you guys been doing?

I would love to know!



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