Versatile Blogger Award

Hey guys,
I was nominated by Jessica and Angela @My Crazy Reading Obsession over a month ago but never got around to do it until today . Sorry so much for the delay.

-Nominate 15 other bloggers relatively new to blogging.
-Let the bloggers know that you have nominated them.
-Share random 10 facts about yourself.
-Thank the person who nominated you and post a link to their blog.
-Add the Versatile Blogger Award picture to display on your blog.
So this award has gotten around really well lately and I can’t think off of the top of my head of anyone who hadsn’t done this award so I won’t be officially nominating anyone.
However, If you haven’t been awarded this award and you would like to participate than please do i would love to see your post if you do participate.

10 Random Facts About Me!

  1.  I have natural dark brown hair but I was born with a blonde streak in my hair that is still their 19 years later. It growns blond in that spot and no where else its crazy.
  2. I’m allergic to metal and bug bites. I know weird right! I wear metal constantly and I have a weird fascination with bugs that actually caused me to be hospitalized when i was younger. Whoopsies!
  3. I’m a world class klutz. Just today I fell into a trashcan, sprained my ankle, and stabbed myself with a knife no one was using.
  4. I am addicted to games be it video games, computer games, board games, or card games. I tend to spend more time playing games than anything else I do.
  5. I have really bad cases of Anxiety and Depression which are the main reason I blog so sporadically. Its really hard to blog when it makes you so anxious all of the time and when a cloud of depression sets in I hardly get done what I have to get done.
  6. I’m horrible at finishing books series. The last series I finished was over two years ago. I tend to read the first in a series and never continue on with the series. Honestly I don’t have a reason for this it just happens.
  7. I don’t really like movies! I’ll watch them but I don’t really look for them or care to watch them. I prefer T.V. shows or just watching Youtube vids all day. I really want to watch more in the future.
  8. I don’t buy books. I borrow books from the library and from friends. I got my first library card at 2 and have never looked back.
  9. I was an “unofficial’ teacher pet pre-college. I hardly paid attention in class or participated but I got straight A’s so everyone just left me alone 😛
  10. I went to speech classes when I was younger for my speech impediment and graduated but I still have trouble with words if I speak to fast or don’t think it through.

Okay guys there goes 10 random facts about me! It got a little personal so I hope you liked learning a little bit more about me. Thanks again to Jessica and Angela for tagging me I really appreciated it and had a lot of fun learning more about the both of you.



4 thoughts on “Versatile Blogger Award

  1. The blonde streak sounds rather cool! I’m just a plain brunette, pretty boring 😉 I LOVE GAMES TOO! I am currently obsessing over Fallout 4 and it’s not even out yet. But Fallout 3 is one of my favourite games of ever… so I need Fallout 4 so badly.

    Oh, I totally feel you on number 5. I suffer from anxiety and depression too and it caused me one of my worst blogging slumps recently. I am having a good moment this week, which is why I wanted people to send me some links so I could check out posts. It’s so hard trying to get motivated to blog when I feel sick just thinking about it. Good luck dealing with it, I know it’s not fun at all.


    1. My mom literally used to be like look at my daughter when she met people and would show them my blond streak ever since I was little. Some of my friends have called me Rogue since I was little because of it.
      I love gaming so much but I don’t really have any friends who also love gaming close to me anymore. I haven’t tried fallout yet because I didn’t want to get addicted while I was in college. Now that it summer I have to catch up with all of the newer gaming releases.
      My depression and anxiety has become easier to manage lately which I am so great for. Hope you are able to keep your under check as well.


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