Library Haul #1

Hey Guys!!!


I’m really excite today to show you guys what I’ve picked up at the library a few days ago.

So if you don’t know I don’t really do book hauls like other book bloggers. This is manly because I don’t really buy books. Most of the time the books I get are either from the library or for review.

So I think I’m going to be including what I pick up from the library more often so you can see what I am reading and plan to read in the future.

I read a lot of books each each year and there is no way I could ever review each in everyone of them so I wanted to await showcase them in a haul post as well as in my monthly wrap up.

So let’s get right into it.  Originally I went to the library to pick out some books for the rainbowthon going on. 😍look at the colors😍


Above I have included a picture of the ones I had picked out. I completely failed at reading these during the readathon I only read the red one but I plan to read the rest before they are due back.
Also since I have no will power when I go to the library. I created a summer tbr of 20 books I would love to read before school is back in session. So of course I picked up a few on that list as well as places a few holds and picked up some books not on that list at all.

  Here is all the books i picked up that day together. My little rainbow is still on the right and I shoved the rest in on the left side. I picked up a total of 13 books. Yes I realize that I have a problem.😁Anyways 7 of the books are on my tbr and the rest kinda just happened. 😅

I’ve managed to read 3 of the books so far and was feeling pretty good.

I literally just saved and closed out this post and checked my library page and realized I had two of my hold in at the library so I went and picked them up.


I did take the 3 read books back if that counts for anything! :]

Here is the complete list with links to its Goodreads Page!


2 thoughts on “Library Haul #1

    1. I am so excited for landline as well it’s the only one by Rowell I haven’t read. I just started There Will Be Lies my friends on Goodreads have a lot of mixed feelings for it. So I’m curious to see how I feel about it


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