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August Wrap Up!!!


Hey Guys! It feels like I just did one of these! I can’t believe its the end of August already. I’m officially back in school by time this goes up and I’m not sure how that will affect my blogging but hopefully not that badly. This year I am taking all online classes so I should be able to maintain my blog better than in the past. I also have a event with my team Gray for the #bbcreativity project coming up soon on my blog. That I am ecstatic about.

Anyways on to the wrap up!


  • Books completed:26
  • Pages read: 7,359 šŸ˜® šŸ˜® WHAT????

The Comics/Graphic Novels

I read a lot of these this month. I wasn’t planning on it but my library got a new online program with a great selection of comics that I picked up a whole bunch of them and read them. I have little to no regrets at this point!!!

Saga Vol. 3– Brian K. VaughanĀ  5/5 stars
Morning Glories, Vol. 1: For a Better Future– Nick SpencerĀ  2/5 stars
The 9 Lives, Volume 1– Rachel Manija BrownĀ  3/5 stars
The Walking Dead, Vol. 01: Days Gone Bye– Robert KirkmanĀ  3/5 stars
Bizenghast, Volume 1– M. Alice LeGrowĀ  1/5 stars

Batman: Year One– Frank MillerĀ  2/5
Adventure Time With Fionna and Cake, Vol. 1- Natasha AllegriĀ  3/5 stars
Amulet, Vol. 3: The Cloud Searchers-Ā  Kazu KibuishiĀ  4/5 stars
Grimm Fairy Tales Vol.1 – Ralph TedescoĀ  2.5/5 stars
The Isobel Journal– Isobel HarropĀ  1/5 stars
Polarity – Max Bemis 2/5

The ARCs

Mad about the Hatter – Dakota ChaseĀ  2.5/5 stars
Phantom’s Dance -Lesa HowardĀ  1/5 stars

Everything Else AKA The Ones For Fun!

More Happy Than Not– Adam Silvera 2/5 stars
Since You’ve Been Gone– Morgan MatsonĀ  5/5 stars
Positive – Paige Rawl 4/5 stars
Love Unscripted- Tina ReberĀ  2.5/5 stars
The Sound of Letting Go– Stasia Ward Kehoe 1/5 stars

Crown of Midnight– Sarah J. Maas 5/5 stars
Falling Kingdoms– Morgan Rhodes 3/5 stars
Mr. Penumbra’s 24-hour Bookstore– 3/5 stars
The DUFF– Kody Keplinger 3/5 stars
No Name Baby– Nancy Bo Flood
Glimpse– Carol Lynch Williams

The Wrath and The Dawn- Renee Ahdieh 4/5 stars
The Assassin’s Blade- Sarah J. Maas 5/5 stars

Woah! Okay that it! all the books I read last month! Wow I had a really interesting month. I don’t always rate everything I read so it was interesting to rate them all and see how my reading went for the month.

I had a lot of low rated books this month which really sucked but I had a lot of mind blowing amazing books this month as well.
Here’s to happy reading in September!



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