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Reading Challenge Update #2 2015

Hey Guys!!!
So its been 4 months since I did an update for the challenges I have participated in this year! I thought I should update it so I know what challenges I still have to do to complete the challenges. I am pretty positive that I have finished some of the challenges but not all of them. I’m only going to do the stats of the challenge not listing each book. Closer to the end of the year I will do a wrap-up for each of the challenges with all of the books that fit into the challenge.

However today is just about the my progress at this point! So lets get started!

My Goodreads Challenge this year was to read 200 books!

As of 9/4/15 I have read 150 books!!!!
I’m currently 15 books ahead so I feel pretty confident that I will complete this challenge!
75% completed

The Next Challenge is The Full House


I still haven’t updated this card. I still haven’t updated my card sorry 😦 I only have one challenge left for this. Which is read a book set in the southern hemisphere. I still don’t know what to read for this challenge so if you have an idea I would love a suggestion!
96% completed

For this challenge I have a goal of 5 books to read this year that are over 450 pages and I have read  5/5 so far. I can’t believe I actually completed this challenge. I thought I had only read about 2 for this challenge! This one will have a complete wrap up soon!
100% completed

This ABC challenge seems to be harder than I thought it would be! I haven’t actively been look out for the letters I’m missing but I will be know throughout the end of the year. i still have 3 letters missing those being J,X,and Z. I need to buckle down and find some books that go with this challenge now!
23/26 88% completed

My goal was for 12 books this year and I have totally completed this challenge months ago! I’m really happy I participated in this challenge it really got me back in to Graphic Novels
100% completed

okay so I annihilated this challenge! I LOVE my local library and checkout and read most of the books I read from the library so I’ve read a lot of books from there this year. Out of the 150 books I read at least 2/3 of them are from the library.
100ish/150 100% completed

This challenge is the one that I need to focus on the most. I did finally read some books for this challenge so I guess some progress is better than none. At this point I have read 5/10 books. Currently I am reading 1 more of this list and have 2 others coming soon. So I hope I actually finish this challenge this year. I just need to focus on the challenge and READ them.
50% completed

So at this point in the year I feel pretty good! I have a few places to work on but now that I actually know what I need to complete I think I can do it. I’m really glad I waited until know to calculate how well I was doing. I really feared stressing myself out and putting myself in a slump. So far it hasn’t happened so I’m really glad!

That all for me in this update.

Did you sign up for any challenges this year? If so how have you guys been doing?

I would love to know!


2 thoughts on “Reading Challenge Update #2 2015

  1. Hi. We met via #NightOwlChat
    so how does the book blogger recommendation challenge work?
    Thats totally awesome that you have met some of your goals and are ahead in the others.

    I originally posted a Gr goal of 25 books (last semester of college) I blew past that so changed it to 50 books. as of 9/14/15 I am at 44 books. 🙂

    Happy reading,
    Ashley @ Books Buying Beauty


    1. Hello!
      The book blogger recommendation challenge is a goal to read some of the books that are commonly recommended to everyone from book bloggers. The host asked a large amount of bloggers what books they recommend to everyone before January and made a list of the top 150.
      Bloggers than picked an amount of books off the list they would like to try to accomplish before the year ends.
      The books are all published before 2015.
      Woah way go! I’m glad you’ve gotten more reading in this year than you thought you would be able to do!


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