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2016 Challenges

Last year I made a really ambitious list of challenges I would of loved to completed and I think I did well on them but I barely mentioned or showed that I did anything with them last year here on my blog. This year I am really going to try to maintain a better control and visualization of my goals.

I made a huge list of things I would love to do an really overwhelmed myself. So this year I have made only four big goals this year as well as a a whole list of smaller things I would like to accomplish but if I don’t I really won’t be upset.

  1. Blogging more frequently I am already not doing so great with this one but this year I really want to try to be here more. I do this for fun and I really miss it when I’m gone but when my life gets busy this is the first place that suffers. I would really like to make it more of a priority for myself. This also includes interacting with people a lot more. I completely fell of the wagon with this and I really miss talking to all of the friends I’ve made since starting blogging!
  2. Β Goodread Challenge is 200 books I set my goal to the same as last year. I made my goal last year with 204 books and I really think I can make it again this year no problem.
  3. Around The Year in 52 books I really wanted to do a challenge this year and I really didn’t like the PopSugar challenge this year so I thought I would give this a shot because it looked a little bit different and fun. I know a lot of booktubers are try this as well and I am so excited to do this one. I might do a post on this later this month to say more about it.
  4. Variety! I would really love to expand this blog to include other things that I’m interested in. I would love to include T.V.and more fun things. Last year I also never posted a Single discussion post or fun thing like that. I really want to change that.

I’m super late to the party but did you guys make any 2016 resolutions? I would love to hear them!


10 thoughts on “2016 Challenges

    1. I have a hour bus ride to school and a hour back prime reading time. I also read before I go to sleep every night.
      It’s all about just making time to read.
      I read through commercials as well. I can read about 10-15 pages before the show is back by the end of the show. I could of read 50 or more pages!

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      1. Thanks for the advice😊 how many books have you read so far as I am currently on my sixth, it has been a good reading year for me so far πŸ˜‰ x


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