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Welcome to another apology post! + updates

Hey Guys!

So here’s another apology post. Once again I have disappeared and I’m really sorry about it!

A lot has happened this year both good and bad and I have been really stressed out and haven’t had the time to pursue things I enjoy including this blog and reading.

The bad news is about my sister. My sister who is 12 now has had a lot of health problems and we have been traveling back and forth to different doctors for most of the year. At this point the doctors aren’t sure whats going on and its taking a lot of time and attention. It does seem that she is getting better but not knowing is really hard right now! She has a doctor appointment this week so hopefully we will get some good news then.

On to some happier news now I got my first job about a month ago and I’m really enjoying it. I’m working a lot of hours a week and getting some experience in the field I’m trying to go in to after college and working on getting certified as a Pharmacy tech as well. Its really awesome to be working with people who have my dream job and getting advice and training in the field I’m dreaming to work in one day.

With all of the changes this year my blog and reading goals have also changed so the post I posted here are no longer my goals anymore.

  1. Blogging Frequency– I absolutely suck at blogging on schedule or often and I would really like to post a lot more on here. Which won’t be hard since I can count my posts for this year on one hand but I would really like to be here more often.
  2. Goodreads Challenge– I changed my reading goal to 100 books for the year because I felt with the change in my life right now I don’t think I can handle reading more than that at this time. Right now I am actually ahead so I feel really good about my decision.
  3. Around the World in 52 books- I am actually participating in this challenge and feel really good about my progress so far for this challenge. Here’s the link to my goodreads post if you want to be kept up to date on my progress. If you haven’t heard of the challenge I’ll leave you the goodreads group link here.
  4. Variety– This is something I really want to do especially this year seeing as how I am not reading as much as I usually do and I really want to talk about some of my other interests as well this year!

Alright thats all I have right now to share with you guys! Other than that I will have a post going up tommorow already scheduled( two posts in one week what is this sorcery :P) Also I think I will try to write up some posts today and tomorrow(my days off) to get me a little head start in returning to the blogging world!


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